Freedom Hike 2021 - Cathedral Rock @ Mt. Charleston

Round 2! Come join us for a short (2.8 mile round trip) hike with a group of friendly, freedom loving individuals. Liberty curious? Have questions about how to achieve freedom in our lifetime? Want to take on the Cathedral (Rock)? Looking for cool people to hangout/hike with? Come to the second iteration in our Freedom Hike 2021 Series!

The trail is called the Cathedral Rock Trail at Mt. Charleston. This hike is rated as moderate due to the natural elevation and the steady incline all the way up to the peak. The terrain is easy to follow and has a defined trail with some stairs. Cathedral Rock Trail is a great resource for seeing other people's experiences hiking the trail.

The plan is to meetup at 8:00 am at the very easy to find parking lot/trailhead. Hike to the top hangout/rest/enjoy the view for a bit then hike down and meetup for brunch at the lovely (and very close by) Mt. Charleston Lodge approximately between 11 and 11:30 am.

Temperatures should be a lot cooler than they are in the valley (by around 15-20 degrees). The tradeoff is that there is 950 feet of elevation gain during the hike (and we are starting at around 7000 feet up on the mountain). Know your limits!


Bring lots of water and drink lots of water before you get there.

Thick soled, comfortable sneakers or hiking boots are highly recommended. Some parts of the trail are rocky and the rocks can be sharp.


August 21, 2021 at 8:00am - 11am


Cathedral Rock Trail at Mt. Charleston

Will you come?