Why Vote Third Party?

Many people are thoroughly disaffected with the Republican and Democratic parties, and far from enamored with their candidates. Yet they continue to vote for one or the other because he or she is the “lesser of two evils”. This is how the duopoly operates.  This mentality leads to a race to the bottom in terms of candidate quality.


Focusing on the evil of the other side is a distraction from the reality that both sides are partners in exploiting the American people. They are two wings of the same bird.  They actively collude to keep third-parties and their candidates marginalized.


We believe that you should vote for the candidate you believe in. Vote for the platform you support. Vote your principles.


However, there is also a machiavellian argument for registering and voting third party.  It sends a message to the duopoly: I am willing to walk away from you.  If enough people do so, duopoly candidates are faced with a new set of incentives. If they see that people are leaving them for the Libertarian party, that is a signal that to attract more voters, they should adopt more libertarian policy positions. Remaining an independent voter does not send the same kind of signal - instead, it indicates that you are “up for grabs” and can still be manipulated with the same old tactics. 


There are many people who wouldn’t necessarily consider themselves to be “true believers” in the entirety of the Libertarian political philosophy, but who nonetheless support moving in a more libertatian direction from our current starting point. More freedom. Less government intervention. If that is you, consider registering as a Libertarian to send a message to the duopoly. 

What is a Libertarian?

The libertarian framework is more than a simple collection of policy positions.

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Top Issues and Policy Positions

There are a number of issues the party is ready to take a bold stance on!

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Other Key Concepts

There are a multitude of other key concepts that accompany our core philosphy.